EPC for Selling

All properties being sold will now require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Click below for more information regarding your legal obligations.

EPC for Letting

All properties that are being marketed to let now require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Click below for more information regarding your legal obligations.

Sample EPC

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1 Order your EPC safely and securily via our website

One of your fully accredited Assensors will contact you to arrange an appointment


Assessment is completed and the EPC sent to you within 24 hours of the appointment

Benefits of Using Low Cost EPC

  • Fully Qualified, Accredited & Insured Assessors
  • Timed Appointments
  • Estate Agent Compliant EPC
  • Order Status Tracking System
  • EPC Delivered within 24 Hours of Appointment
  • Customer Control Panel Access
  • A Fully Portable EPC useable for both Sales & Lettings
  • Best Price Guaranteed
How we keep prices low

Low Cost EPC can fulfil your requirement for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in addition to other property related services. We have access to a panel of more than 3,000 fully qualified and fully accredited domestic energy assessors who are audited on a regular basis and who have been CRB checked.

We pride ourselves in providing all of our customers with the best level of customer service possible and to this end, we demand a high level of professionalism from the assessors.

Our volume based business model means that we have been able to negotiate big discounts for our customers coupled with the ability to pay the assessor for your EPC on the day of the appointment. In fact, this payment method is one of the contributing factors in lowering the cost of an EPC as assessors like to be paid as quickly as possible for the work they do. Most other online providers will commit you to making payment in advance of even speaking to an assessor to arrange an appointment. The assessor will then have to wait at least 30 days (in most cases) for their invoices to be settled.

How our service works

We will source and refer you to the most competitively priced fully accredited domestic energy assessor on your behalf. We charge a £9.95 referral fee for this service which is included in the price quoted and is usually £39.95. This fee helps secure against customers who are not in attendance at the property when our assessor arrives or fake orders that have been raised through our website. The balance can be paid direct to the assessor on the day of the appointment.

Our service works by allowing you to raise a FREE no obligation quote for an Energy Performance Certificate. The total cost of the Energy Performance Certificate will be based on the type, size and location of your property. You can complete your order with Low Cost EPC by pressing the confirm order and pay later button. Once you have confirmed your order, the domestic energy assessor assigned to your order will contact you in order to arrange an appointment. We will also provide you with the contact details of the energy assessor in case you want to contact him / her direct.

As part of the assessment, the assessor will gather information relating to the energy efficiency of your property and produce your EPC report. The EPC report is usually available within 24 hours of the appointment taking place. You can see a sample report by clicking here.


You are required to pay the referral fee within 24 hours of the order being assigned to an assessor. As mentioned above, this safeguards the assessor against customers who are not in when they arrive but more importantly, it safeguards us and them against fake orders.

You will need to pay for your Energy Performance Certificate on the day of the appointment direct to the energy assessor.
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