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Payment Terms and Conditions

1. Payment
1.1 Payment should be made by debit/credit card via the website. Payments by cheque or phone are not an acceptable method of payment.

2. Your Obligations
2.1 You agree to the service starting from the moment you press the confirm order button.

2.2 You understand and accept that the fulfilment of your order can take up to 28 days to complete from the date and time the service was started. You further understand that the completion times of 1-3 working days mentioned in any marketing material are taken as an average completion time and are in no way representative of the completion time for your order. In the event you initiate a chargeback with your card issuer within 28 days, you agree to a charge of £15.00 in order to cover the cost of the chargeback request. This is in addition to the payment for the service received up to the time of the cancellation (see term 5.1).

2.3 You agree to ensure that the information that you supply to us in the Order including without limitation details of the Property is complete, accurate and up to date. You will notify us immediately you become aware of any inaccuracy contained within the Order.

2.4 You agree that any order that we may deliver to you is delivered on the understanding that it is only for your use and for the purpose that you have disclosed to us.

2.5 Pre-arranged appointments with the Domestic Energy Assessor are taken on the understanding that an Adult will be present to provide access to the property at the appointment time. If the DEA is unable to obtain access to the premises within 15 minutes of their arrival at the property, then a service charge of £25 will payable to the Assessor for the missed appointment. This may also result in a delay in the production time of your order.

2.6 In the case of an Energy Performance Certificate. You agree to have any insulation certificates, at the time of inspection, available to the assessor. Any instance where the certificates are not available may result in insulation being recorded as’not present’ or ‘unknown’.

2.7 You agree that if you note an error within the certificate either with the rating, recommendation or address you will highlight this within 6 months of instruction of the service. After this date we are unable to make amendments.

2.8 You agree to setting our email address of [email protected] as a friendly email address and to check your email spam and junk folders for emails from the same email address of [email protected].

2.9 You agree to provide us with the correct contact information such as a telephone number and email address. In the event we are unable to make contact with you because of incorrect contact information, your order will be cancelled and will be subject to the cancellation policy.

3. Liability
3.1 We cannot accept any liability for any error in an EPC, which is based on any error or inaccuracy in a public register. Nor will we be liable for any information contained within an EPC, which is based on information that we have obtained from a third party (not being information derived from the public register).

3.2 We cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or error in the EPC that is based on incomplete or inaccurate information supplied by you.

3.3 Subject to any other provisions in these Conditions, we will not be liable to you for any loss,damages, costs or expenses caused directly or indirectly by a delay in delivery to you (even if caused by our negligence).

3.4 We will not be liable for any loss of actual or anticipated profits or savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity or for any special, indirect or consequential loss whether arising from a breach of these Conditions or negligence in performing the Services even if we were advised of or knew of likelihood of such loss occurring.

3.5 Our entire aggregate liability to you for direct loss arising from our being in breach of these Conditions or negligent in the course of performing the Services will not exceed the cost of the Service.

4. Pricing
4.1 Unless expressed otherwise, the Service Fee excludes VAT at the applicable rate.

4.2 The Website prices quoted are for properties anywhere on the Mainland of England and Wales.

5. Cancellation
5.1 You have a right to cancel your order within 14 days however, if you expressly request that the service starts straight away then you agree to pay for the service received up to the time of the cancellation. Should you wish to cancel or re-schedule an order, you agree to give us as much notice as is reasonably practicable. However, in the event of payment being made in advance, you will not be entitled to obtain a full refund of the Service Fee if you cancel on or after the Confirmation of your order where you have expressly requested that the service starts straight away. A partial refund may be issued at the managers discretion but any refund will be subject to a service charge proportionate to the level of service received up to the time of cancellation. Where payment for the EPC is due to be made on the day of the appointment, the service charge should be paid within 5 days of the cancellation date to avoid a late payment charge of £0.00  from being added to the outstanding balance.

5.2 In the event a chargeback is initiated for an order that is cancelled within 28 days of the date of the order and where the proportionate payment for the service received up to the point of cancellation is not paid within 24 hours of the of the order being cancelled or deducted from the amount being charged back then an administration charge of £50.00 will be added.

5.3 In the event a chargeback has been initiated where the service has been completed and the EPC has been received, a charge of £200 will made to cover the cost of the service and administration involved. The cost of the EPC will also be payable. If the order is passed to external debt collectors then a further charge of 15% will be added to the outstanding balance.

5.4 In the event a chargeback has been initiated where late payment fees have been charged, a further charge of £150 will made to cover the cost of administering the chargeback. If the order is passed to external debt collectors then a further charge of 15% will be added to the outstanding balance.

6. Dashboard Access
6.1 Your EPC is valid for 10 years and can be downloaded at any time provided you have access to your dashboard. A small service charge of £0.00  is levied for this service. The service charge ensures that your EPC is accessible via our website at anytime during the validity period of the EPC. The dashboard access fee is non refundable.

7.Booking Fee
7.1 All booking fees should be paid prior to the appointment taking place. A grace period of one hour following the appointment may be offered at the managers discretion. A late booking fee payment will incur a late charge of £0.00. Where the booking fee and late booking fee payments are not paid within 24 hours of the appointment date/time, a late payment administration charge of £0.00  will also be added to your order. A booking fee payment should never be paid direct to the assessor.